What to Do When the Heating Goes Out

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When it’s cold outside, the last thing you want is for your power to go out and your heater to stop working. Sadly, power doesn’t only go out when it’s convenient. Knowing what to do when the heat goes out will keep you and your family comfortable. Precision HVAC has put together a list of five tips to help you stay warm until your power comes back.

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5 Tips to Stay Warm When the Power Goes Out

This is not an exhaustive list; these are just some of the easiest and, most importantly, quickest steps to stay warm without power. When your heater isn’t working, you need solutions that can be implemented without delay and using items you already have.

  1. Seal window and door leaks.

As the colder seasons roll around, it’s never a bad idea to stock up on professional wraps for your windows. If you didn’t, you could use kitchen plastic wrap. Just know that it isn’t nearly as effective as wrapping material designed for this. Temporary caulk can also be used to seal windows, but you’ll want to be careful not to use permanent caulk, which can damage your windows when you try to remove it.

  1. Wear plenty of layers and use blankets.

The easiest step you can take is to bundle up. Wear multiple layers if you need to, with a focus on thicker clothing. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and any other heavier clothing will keep you warm until your power and heating come back on.

  1. Have blinds open during the day and shut at night.

It’s easy to undervalue blinds’ role in your home’s temperature control. To promote a warmer home during the day, keep your blinds open. Sunlight will come in and your home will become warmer, even if there are clouds. When the sun goes down, it’s time to close your blinds. Heat insulation doesn’t have to be airtight, and your blinds can hold in heat to help keep you warm on cold nights. Even thermal blinds are designed to help regulate your home’s temperature without heating and cooling systems.

  1. Cover uninsulated vinyl or hardwood floors with throw rugs or blankets.

We’ve all heard the phrase “warm air rises.” Meaning that some of the coldest parts of your home will be the floors you have to walk on. Rugs, blankets, towels, and other elements can be used to cover your hardwood or uninsulated vinyl floors to help keep you warmer.

  1. Block drafts under doors (and keep them closed).

Windows aren’t the only spot where your heat can leak out. If you don’t have any draft stoppers already in your home, use rolled-up blankets or towels to prevent cold air from coming in under your doors or warm air from leaving. Make sure that when you open doors, you reset the draft stopper after you close the door again. Along these lines, keep your doors closed to prevent a free flow of air through your home. Stay in as few rooms as possible.

One More Tip for How to Stay Warm When the Power Goes Out

There’s one more tip we recommend: a backup generator installation. Depending on the cause of the power outage, you might only be without power for hours, but it could also be a few days before you can get everything running again. A professionally installed backup generator can instantly get your power and your heating, running again. For all things HVAC in Texas, turn to Precision Heating and Air. Since 2008, we’ve been serving the greater Austin area. To schedule your backup generator installation, schedule service online or call (512) 379-6385.
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