Signs Your Heater Needs Repairs

Photo of a technician inspecting a water heater

What better gift can you ask for than potentially saving money on a new heating system installation and getting your heater repaired before your components break completely. Here are some signs that will clue you in that your heater is overdue for some repairs.

High Energy Bills

High bills are an easy sign to spot, especially if you are a smart spender with a finger on the pulse of your wallet. If you noticed that recently your heating bills seem higher than usual, despite not increasing your heating usage, you might need to schedule an inspection.

Heating systems can lose their efficiency over time, causing you to use your heating system longer to heat your home. With a simple repair, you can improve your HVAC system’s energy efficiency to help cut down on those high bills.

Strange Sounds

If you notice some odd sounds around your furnace, you may have two situations you are dealing with; the first is that the ghosts of Christmas past are potentially visiting you, or your furnace has a faulty component.

Do not ignore the odd sounds coming from your heating system because you could be looking at costly replacements in the future. Heating systems should be relatively quiet when operating. Prolonged rattling sounds could signify a faulty motor in a heat pump fan or a furnace with a loose bolt. No matter the cause, be safe instead of sorry by getting a repair.

Moody Temperature

If you noticed that your living room is oddly colder than your kitchen, you might need duct repairs despite setting your heating system to warm your home. Uneven heating across your home potentially can be a sign of a faulty thermostat that is causing your home’s heating system to heat your home improperly.

Indoor Air Quality Takes A Hit

Pop quiz, should your home have a bad smell when you turn on your heating system? The only answer should be no, so if you notice that your home smells odd whenever you reach for that thermostat, there could be an issue with your air filters. Air quality is essential for your respiratory health and improves your comfort.

At Precision Heating & Air we can help you with any of your heating system woes and make sure you’re comfortable this season. Call our expert technicians today at (512) 379-6385 and make sure your heating system survives for a long time!