Precision is BPI Certified

What is BPI?

Building Performance Institute (BPI) is a national standards development organization for residential energy efficiency and weatherization retrofit work. As an independent, not-for-profit organization, BPI bring together leading building science experts from across North America to develop standards using a consensus-based methodology.

BPI is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an approved developer of American National Standards. Through BPI’s Standards Technical Committee and its working groups and dozens of committed industry participants, the BPI Standards program maintains an unmatched reputation as the home performance industry’s leading standards body. BPI functions as a vital connection between contractors, technicians, training organizations and programs to ensure the entire home performance and weatherization workforce is following the same strict protocols.

BPI standards are cited by the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as several state Weatherization Assistance Programs.

What does it mean to be BPI Certified?

There are 130 million existing homes in America, and many were built before modern energy codes were established. These homes face problems that product rebate programs, non-certified contractors or even the best homeowner cannot solve. Sometimes, a non-certified company or individual will do more harm than good by inadvertently creating problems with mold, moisture, ice damming, poor indoor air quality and even combustion appliance back-drafting.

BPI certified professionals are companies and individuals who have been trained to meet these problems head-on. They have proven their skills, meeting BPI’s stringent, nationally recognized standards by passing both written and field examinations.

Why you should care that your HVAC Repair company is BPI Certified.

For many homeowners and tenants, energy bills account for far too much of the monthly budget. These homes often suffer from performance problems ranging from increased energy consumption to poor thermal comfort to indoor air quality issues. When a company is BPI Certified you can be sure that they will use the house-as-a-system approach to identify and solve common to complex household HVAC problems that have been proven to reduce the home owners annual utility bills by as much as 20 percent or more.

Many state, local and utility energy efficiency programs use the services of BPI certified professionals, because they know they will get quality work with a good return on investment. In fact, the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program from the Department of Energy (DO