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15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Getting a simple Air Conditioning Tune-Up can cut your monthly energy costs by up to 30%.

To ensure peak air conditioning performance, Precision Heating & Air recommends performing an annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up. With your monthly energy savings a Precision 15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up will pay for itself!

Precision also offers an annual Preventative Maintenance Program that combines our 15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up and 26-Point Heating Tune-Up.

Precision’s 15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Every time a 15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up is completed, Precision will do the following:

  1. Verify cooling performance, temperature drop, and make any necessary adjustments
  2. Clean the outdoor condenser coil and remove debris from the unit
  3. Inspect and lubricate the condenser fan motor
  4. Check compressor amperage for proper function
  5. Test operation and condition of compressor contractor
  6. Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  7. Inspect start/run capacitors and relays
  8. Inspect for refrigerant leaks
  9. Inspect indoor evaporator coil, if accessible
  10. Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow
  11. Inspect blower assembly operation, and lubricate and adjust as necessary
  12. Evaluate condition of air filters and other indoor air quality accessories
  13. Safety test all controls for proper operation
  14. Provide expert recommendations for keeping your system running at peak efficiency
  15. Provide the customer with complete Results of Check

Don’t wait for your air conditioning to stop working to give us a call!

To schedule a 15 Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up, call Precision at 512-300-7422 today, or simply schedule an appointment through our “Schedule Services” red box at the top-right of the page.