Mitsubishi M-Series – 12,000 BTU – Ductless Air Conditioner – Wall Mounted – 13 SEER

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  • Compact side discharge outdoor unit
  • Zone control
  • Quiet operation for both indoor and outdoor units
  • “Powerful Mode” function permits system to temporarily run at a lower/higher temperature with an increased fan speed, which quickly brings the room to the optimum comfort level
  • Wireless remote controller is included
  • Indoor unit powered from outdoor unit using A-Control
  • Automatic restart following a power outage
  • Self-check function — onboard diagnostics
  • Dry Mode function is standard
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Product Description

For over 50 years, Mitsubishi has remained at the forefront of the mini split industry thanks to their dedication to providing efficient, user-friendly comfort solutions. The M-A12WA-1 is a packaged single zone air conditioner mini split system designed to bring effective cooling to any room in your home. The wall mounted indoor unit, MS-A12WA-1, boasts a functional design, and operates at volumes as low as 33 dB. Reliability is another focus for Mitsubishi and the M-A12WA-1 is no exception, the system will automatically restart following a power outage and it includes self-checking diagnostic functions to streamline the service process if the need arises. With an included wireless remote controller, this system is the perfect combination of convenience and comfort for any cooling application.

Advanced Filtration System
The MS-A12WA-1 combines a hybrid catechin deodorizing filter with an enzyme-based filter for managing allergens. The anti-allergy filter not only captures the offending particles, it also breaks them down, cleaning the air as it is conditioned.

Powerful Mode
The powerful setting on the MS-A12WA-1 makes it easy to get your zone to the perfect temperature quickly. When it is activated, the unit temporarily decreases the temperature and increases fan speed to provide rapid cooling and quick comfort.

Econo Cool Mode
By slowly adjusting the cooling set point and swinging the horizontal vanes, the MS-A12WA-1 can improve the efficiency of cooling operations without compromising the comfort provided.

When the indoor unit is run in dry mode, the coil’s temperature stays just below the dew point of the return air, removing unwanted moisture. This improves your comfort and reduces the chance of mold growth and other property damage in the conditioned space.

Vane Control
Optimal air flow is easy to achieve with the MS-A12WA-1 thanks to the vane control option. This function provides access to four different horizontal vane positions, an auto mode, and a swing mode. Auto mode selects the best vane position based on operating mode. Swing mode cycles through all positions for maximum coverage.