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North American Technician Excellence (NATE)

Air Conditioning Repair

North American Technician Excellence (NATE) headquartered in Arlington, VA., was founded in 1997 and is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. NATE is the only technician certification organization governed, owned, operated, developed and supported by the HVACR industry.

What does NATE do?

NATE, North American Technician Excellence Inc., is an independent, third-party non-profit certification body for HVAC and HVAC/R technicians. NATE tests technicians; others train.

NATE’s certification tests represent real world working knowledge of HVAC and HVACR systems and candidates can earn installation and/or service certification in one or more specialty areas. NATE certification tests are developed by the NATE technical committee. The NATE technical committee is comprised of industry experts who developed and oversee NATE’s Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs). Each exam is developed based on these knowledge areas of expertise. The technical committee represents a wide variety of perspectives including contractors, educators, manufacturers, and utilities. Members also are diversely spread throughout the country.

Why Should I Ask For A NATE-Certified Technician

NATE's HVAC and HVAC/R testing validates the technician's knowledge and a training program's instruction. The NATE tests are rigorous, multiple-choice, knowledge-based tests that represent what 80% of technicians have an 80% chance of encountering once a year.

What Specialties Are Covered By NATE Certification

There are 21 NATE installation, service, and senior tests. Specialties include Air Conditioning, Air Distribution, Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Oil Furnaces, Hydronics Gas, Hydronics Oil, Light Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration, and Senior HVAC Efficiency Analyst.

Where Do I Find NATE HVAC Certified Training, Testing And Technicians

NATE-approved training, testing organizations and technicians are located throughout the U.S. and Canada. You can verify NATE Certified technicians by using the NATE Certified Locator

Who Supports NATE

NATE has many partners throughout the HVAC industry, NATE partners include industry associations, utilities, and manufacturers.

Air Conditioning Repair

It's a plus if a technician is NATE-certified.

Air Conditioning Repair

EPA tells consumers to ask if a contractor’s technicians are NATE-certified.

Air Conditioning Repair

Under the Montgomery GI Bill, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reimburses veterans who take the NATE tests.

Air Conditioning Repair

The U.S. Army recognizes NATE Certification for promotion points. No other certification exam enjoys this industry support.


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